Murray Morra         


Spatial Occupation

Glasgow, Scotland

Design (2017)

As part of Test Unit summer school, Spatial Occupation explored the ideas of the commons as a way of breaking down the false binary of public/private and grappling with the possibility of growing more collective, self-driven and co-owned models of occupying and developing urban space.

Working as part of a team lead by Amica Dall Spacial Occupation produced 'Common Block', a communal fire cooking kit. It connects people who live and work around Speirs Locks through collective construction and sharing food in public space. Many of the local businesses in this area can be linked through four strands – food, DIY, culture and outdoor activities. Common Block aims to connect these through principles of cooperation, exchange and management of a common resource.

Amica Dall
Rob Morrison
Simon Worthington
Grace Winteringham
Vlad Bodogan
Rebecca Sainsot-Reybolds
Lotte Kravitz
Alice Grant
Murray Morrant
Julian Vassallo
Matthieu Robin

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