Murray Morra         


Ribbon Development

Flanders, Belgium

Research (ongoing)

Long thin plots extending from the main road provide large gardens to be the domesticated extension of the home, these spaces facilitate the leisure activities which were once hosted by the countryside, which lies just beyond the other side of the fence.
In these back gardens, such activities housed include swimming in the pool, playing on the trampoline or attending the vegetable patch. The gardens have become a tamed version of the wild. Curated and built-in the image of the cottage in the countryside as a pastiche. The owner builds the house to fulfill the romanticized dream and notion of having a symbiotic relationship with the countryside which does not exist today. They become the farmer without a farm. Ironically the smallest house on the street has the most controlled and built up back-garden of all. These are a multiplicity of private utopias.

More Project details coming soon